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In November of 2013, we put down a 50% deposit of $1025 on a young Ragdoll Breeder kitten that was to be delivered to us at 10 weeks via an air courier costing $300 from Dallas Texas. The breeder of this kitten was Kathy Domeny the owner/operator of

This breeder guaranteed that the kitten was in GOOD HEALTH and free of any infection or disease. When our kitten arrived on January 19 at the Philadelphia Airport in a very small soft sided carrying case, it was quite obvious that the kitten was not clean. His fur was full of dry skin dander and his claws had not been groomed. In taking the kitten home it was necessary for my wife to hold the kitten in her arm since the kitten came in a courier owned carrying case and we had not been advised to bring along a case.

My wife contacted Domeny as soon as we got home and told her of our findings. Domeny stated that it was pine litter and it was not dry skin. The kitten was examined on the third day by a vet and it was determined that the dander was Dermatophytosis (Ringworm). A scaly, crusted rash was found on the kitten skin that tested positive for Ringworm.

When Domeny was questioned about this infection she said she did not know about the Ringworm, when in fact she had stated to my wife that she had this problem with Ringworm 4 times that required treatment and it was no big deal. Prior to this time my wife told Domeny do not send me an infected kitten. Domeny had 3 months to examine and treat this kitten before it was sent to us. This kitten was seen by Domeny's vet who is a horse vet and only stated that the kitten was OK to travel.

It has cost us $750 to date to rid our cattery of this highly contagious disease caused by a fungi that requires daily treatment for 2 months. It is believed that this fungi comes from the dirt. She mandates in her contract that all kitten/cats must be kept indoors. Failure to do so will void the contract.

This seems contradictory since she has a Youtube video on her website showing her cats out in her backyard rolling in the dirt (see attached video & images).This fungus has infected our cattery as well as my wife who has just had cancer surgery and it has taken an inordinate amount of time treating for this infection, and there is no end in sight.

This individual has numerous sick kitten complaints against her and she refuses to do anything about it. May a word to the wise be sufficient DO NOT BUY ANY KITTENS FROM THIS BREEDER...

Monetary Loss: $2355.

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I had a TERRIBLE experience with this breeder. Original poster seems to have gone through what I did when I dealt with Kathy.

And no I am not a breeder just a consumer who had to deal with this unsavory breeder. I purchased two cats from Kathy. I also saw her home and it was a not in any way sanitary or a place you would want any animal let alone a human. In my dealing with her, it was clear she was only concerned about the money and was willing to say whatever she needed to sell a cat.

One of the cats I purchased turned out the be a complete nightmare as he was already 6 months old although she told me numerous times of his good nature. She also agreed to give me a full refund then continued to state that she was out of money so I would have to wait until her next sale. I finally got a refund after so much back and forth and headache I felt physically sick dealing with this lunatic! Nothing about her was professional.

Now I have one cat from her and she appears to have ringworm; taking her to the vet first thing in the morning. I can only assume she came to me with it as I have never boarded her or let her leave the house. Kathy you should be ashamed of yourself and I hope the state shuts you down.

Oh and Kathy frequently changes her story and conveniently forgets what she stated or any facts. FIND A REPUTABLE BREEDER AND AVOID THIS WOMAN.


Let me present the facts. First of all let me tell you I begged these angry hateful led folks to send me the kitten back for a full refund and even arranged a courier..they refused 9x.

Also my vet practice is very large with 18 vets who practice yes some do horses..why is this a problem? They are rated 1 of the best in the state. The kitten was examined with a clean bill of health 3 days before transport. I was trying pine litter and read on the bag a disclaimer that it could cause skin irritation with


This is what I was mentioning to her. At this time I had not ever seen any ringworm in my cattery but had 3 or 4x in my life..that is what I mentioned to her. Fact is fungal spores are so high in the south from Florida to California the fungal count is mentioned on the evening news. It is in the air.

Much like seasonal allergies..some get it and some do not. My question is why would you not prefer a full refund and remember to bring you cat carrier to the airport when meeting a courier..rather than complain?


I had a very similar experience and was never offered a refund, only excuses. Do not purchase from this backyard breeder! The original poster is not exaggerating, our problems were very similar and worse!

Austin, Texas, United States #798646

Interesting review from another Ragdoll breeder who obviously does not want me to be in business against her. The video on my site is not my home or my kittens...If you read under it a very happy owner of 3 of my kittens sent it.

My cats do not go outside. The kitten was flown via a courier who is an airline stewardess and transports on her days off. Thus the small carry on bag. Possibly the bag was not cleaned between transport.

The gorgeous kitten Leslie purchased was given a clean bill of health by a huge practice of 16 vets before flight. I have repeatedly offered a full refund with the return of the kitten and she refuses to do so. As my Heatlth Guarantee states I do not pay vet bills or shipping fees...but if you discover a problem that was not apparent to my vets here...return for a full refund no questions asked. If you are in anyway unsatisfied I want to refund you.

The last thing I want is my precious babies treated badly and hated.

I do give 3 baths 1 each month before going home and clean their ears and trim their claws. What else can I do?

to Kathy Domeny Tempe, Arizona, United States #890010

Kathy you can never win with PET people. Friend sold a sweet but not very confident puppy, bought her back not even 12 hours later saying that she snapped at there 1 year old son that chased her around the house finally cornering her.

There older dog was allowed to harras her all night long. When she came to me I had a nut case on my hands.

In 3 days she was affectionate and happy. She is a sweet, gentle baby that needed time.

to Kathy Domeny Chandler, Arizona, United States #935317

No you don't want the cats back. Ours was a breeder with no testicals and infested with ringworm.

All you suggested was that we put him down because he is of no use to you.

You never offered a different cat or our money back. We care for our cats but you so easily said to end his life like it was no big deal

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